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This Canyoning river adventure starts with registration, getting your wetsuit, kit and a quick briefing at basecamp. Then you are transferred to the river entry point, a short drive and within minutes you are on your way.  A brilliant combination of fun and adventure in the great outdoors! Run the river with professional guides, navigate through the river shallows, swim through natural tannin coloured fresh-water mountain pools, maneuver down water slides and abseil waterfalls as you dip down into the river gorge. First timer, novice or seasoned at canyoning, you'll enjoy your tour. Using the latest spec adventure equipment your qualified guide ensures a kloofing adventure you simply can’t get enough of.  You’re likely to want to do it again and again!

INCLUDES: 2 Guides per trip. All adventure, equipment. ie. Wet Suit, Harness, Helmet, Life jackets

TIMES:  Available 09:00am-1:00pm, 11:00am-3:00pm, 1:00pm-5:00pm.  Total tour takes about 4 hours & you must show up 1 hour before your reservation time.  Reservations Needed.
PRICES: R850 for adults, children R450

AGES: Minimum 8 years old  

GROUPS: Max of 8 people per group 
WEIGHT:  Pregnant ladies not allowed to take part in excursion.

WHAT TO WEAR: Swimming costume and shoes to swim / walk in-if you don't have suitable shoes, they have for rent at basecamp.   

WHAT TO BRING:  Swimming clothes, shoes to swim in (or rent them from us) and a towel.

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Whale Watching Tour & Robberg Nature Reserve

Ocean & River Adventures in Plett

This 2, 3 or 4 hour tour  to three-hour guided river kayak tour on the calm Keurbooms River or Bitou River.  The Bitou and Keurbooms Rivers hide an abundance of natural gems, only appreciated by exploring these rivers. Bitou Kayaks invites you to join us on 2, 3 or 4 hours guided tours up these rivers to experience the peace and tranquillity and magnificent birdlife of the Bitou River and the pristine indigenous forests surrounding the Keurbooms River. Alternatively, you can hire a kayak and wander along the rivers at your own pace. No previous kayaking experience is required. We will provide a mandatory pre-trip safety briefing as well as the necessary safety gear. All our kayaks have been certified by SAMSA. Keurbooms River is about 10 minutes from Plettenberg Bay central.

INCLUDES:  Guide, life jacket, kayak equipment, waterproof pouch for your mobile & car keys.

TIMES:  Available most times, weather dependent. Reservations Needed.
PRICES: Most tours are private except for over high season, contact us for pricing

AGES: No limits.

WHAT TO WEAR:  Comfortable beach wear (quick-dry clothing, while not essential is recommended). A beach towel since you may be somewhat wet / damp, to dry off after your trip.

WHAT TO BRING:  Sun protection (sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses) and a bottle of water or cool drink should you get thirsty. A windbreaker in case of a change in the weather. No alcohol is permitted.

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Keurbooms or Bitou River Kayak

An outdoor recreational activity and to some an outdoor sport which allows you to test your own limits while enjoying being active in the natural outdoors. Descend a 50 meter cliff-face into a riverbed. Your double guide-controlled decent allows you the time to breath in the natural surroundings, take in great views, river carved ridges and wide open skies – feel inspired by the geological landscape and natural formation of this ridge of fingers as you make your way down into a river valley dating back to the beginnings of time. This Afri-Abseil Adventure starts with registration, getting your kit and a quick briefing at the basecamp. A brilliant combination of fun and adventure in the great outdoors!

INCLUDES: Light meal, refreshments, water, guide, equipment and certificate

TIMES:  2 Hours & must show up 30 minutes before your reservation time.  Reservations Needed.
PRICES: R570 per adult, Children R290

AGES: Minimum of 10 years old  

GROUPS: Max of 9 people per group 
WEIGHT: Pregnant ladies not allowed to take part in excursion.

WHAT TO WEAR: You should wear comfortable shorts or long pants (no dresses or mini skirts) and closed-toe footwear/tennis shoes or tekkies recommended-no sandals as they can fall off during the tour.   

WHAT TO BRING: Camera & the weather can get cold so bring a warm jacket or rain jacket for rainy weather.

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Kayak & Lilo Storms River Mouth Adventure Tour

Plettenberg Bay has amazing Adventure Tours for those looking for an adrenaline rush or just spending some time outdoors in nature!  This is one of the most beautiful areas on the African continent and the photos don't do it justice,

you need to come see it for yourself!  The adventure tours below are family friendly but there are some

age restrictions so please review the details​ before you set your heart on a tour.

Dolphin Ocean Encounter & Robberg Nature Reserve

This two to three-hour kayak and lilo adventure on the Storms River is the most popular activity in Storms River and for good reason. You’ll get to explore deeper into the hidden world of the Storms River gorge than most people ever do and experience the long, bottomless pools, deep caves and ancient forests with nothing but the quiet noises of nature around you.  Paddle from the harbour (next to the beach) across the ocean, passing underneath the suspension bridge and from there up the beautiful Storms River gorge. At the low-water point, say goodbye to your kayak and hello to your new floater friends – the lilos (a lilo is a small inflatable boat and is specially designed for this trip to access the narrow parts of the gorge). From here on you'll walk over a short section of rocks and then simply float deeper up the river on the lilos, weightlessly relishing in the serenity of this paradise and feeling insignificantly small as you ogle up at the sky-scraping cliffs surrounding you. Upon reaching your destination, you'll make a U-turn and float back down river to your kayaks, glad that the exceptional experience is far from over. Storms River is about 45 minutes from Plettenberg Bay central.

INCLUDES:  Guides, life jackets, kayak equipment, lilo.

TIMES:  Available start times are 9:00am, 10:00am, 11:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm.  Total tour takes 2.5 - 3 hours & you must show up 1 hour before your reservation time.  Reservations Needed.
PRICES: R695 per person

AGES: Minimum of 8

WHAT TO WEAR:  Swimming costume and shoes to swim in-if you don't have suitable shoes, they are for rent at basecamp: wet suits and shoes that can get wet/use during the tour.

WHAT TO BRING:  Cape Nature WILD card if you have one, to show at entrance to the park, towel, warm clothes to change into after the tour.

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